Chasing the Muses

Where are we going today?

That Part of Me in You


When you were born
I gave to you
a part of me
I had locked away
in the knitted core
of my innermost and
planned not to share
but to keep. I
know not why I
did this thing but
for the empty cry
I heard. As I
watch you grow I
see myself begin
to merge with the
whole of you. The
glow it gives to
you makes me to
ask with hope that
you too will share
when that day comes.

(Written many years ago.)

Author: Esprit

I go by the name of Esprit, which means liveliness of mind or spirit. I have two blogs that demonstrate this: (a blog of poems and stories) and (a blog that offers various views on spirituality). I invite you to visit one or both and let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “That Part of Me in You

  1. Love this Nan! Anything which reminds us that we are part of a 7.45+ billion member family, I am all for! But not only that…

    “Life plays and swims in creation (decadence?) and paradox while the kill-joys go mad!”

    We all need our family of muses, do we not? πŸ˜‰


  2. Was this the creative part of you that you gave birth to? Best wishes Hugs


  3. Great stuff.

    – esme upon the Cloud


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