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It’s there now. I can see it through the window.
It wasn’t there yesterday.
Yesterday was just a spot of ground. Brown, a few rocks, dry.

The colors on the sign – red, white, and blue – the image of a hot air balloon.
What does it mean?
One life uprooted and a new one ready to soar?

So many memories …

That first walk around the neighborhood.
Squirrels chasing one another up and down the trees.
The quiet nights absent horns, planes, neon lights.
Will I miss it all?


But “Sold” is the word of the day.

Author: Esprit

I go by the name of Esprit, which means liveliness of mind or spirit. I have two blogs that demonstrate this: (a blog of poems and stories) and (a blog that offers various views on spirituality). I invite you to visit one or both and let me know what you think.

Thoughts? Opinions? Impressions?

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