Chasing the Muses

Where are we going today?

The Door


In response to Susi’s
IWH Weekly Haiku Challenge #8
(Picture interpretation)


Drawn to a mystery door
That I cannot pass


Through the door ahead
May await passionate love
But doubts hold me back


Life plays sneaky tricks
As it leads me to a door
And then blocks my way

I’m always interested in feedback, so I hope you’ll leave a comment — good or bad. Of course it it’s bad, please be gentle. 🙂

Author: Nan

I'm a long-time blogger that enjoys saying this, that, and the other thing about a variety of topics. My main blog is (discussions primarily related to religion and politics), but I invite you to also visit (a blog related to my book, "Things I Never Learned in Sunday School"--available through Amazon), (a blog where I demonstrate my creative side), (obviously, all about wine), and (various thoughts on spirituality). My gravatar speaks to my core belief as expressed by Carl Sagan.

9 thoughts on “The Door

  1. No bad at all, Nan! I thoroughly enjoyed the content of all three. Mystery, bravery, and doubt are on full display, and I appreciated how you told the story in each one. If I would offer any constructive comments, it would be on #2. Interchanging the words “through” with though and “but” with some would add a bit more flow to the content. Please tell me how you feel about that. Thank you for participating! I always enjoy how you interpret the images. 🙂


    • Thank you, Susi! And thanks for the feedback. I do like the suggested changes — with one slight alteration. See what you think …

      Though the door ahead
      May await passionate love
      Yet doubts hold me back

      I’ve been enjoying this contest so much. It’s been just the kick my “creativity” needed. 🙂

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      • I much prefer the first version, Nan. It was my favourite of the three. It held the recognition of possibility, but the fear of doubt. It speaks to experience and pain, the joy of passionate love a decided attraction, but yet not strong enough to pull you forward. The human condition in 17 syllables.
        For me it also recalls the gender condition: Whereas a male might run blindly through the door in search of that next passionate love, a female pauses to consider the possible consequences of the action, and hesitates to open the door.
        This is your experience. As much as it saddened me that your narrator had been badly hurt, still I appreciated the caution, and the effect it had on the choice.

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      • Lovely! 🙂 I’m glad you are participating, Nan. You’ve provided beautiful pieces!

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  2. Funny how we both saw the sunbeams through the windows as a reason to not go forward. But there it is. You ignored the religious theme in the windows and doors, I ignored the love possibilities, but we both stopped in our tracks. I wonder what that says about us?
    Nice poetry, Nan, but now I have to go look at the next one.


    • Hmmm. We both stopped in our tracks … Interesting perspective.

      Religious theme? I saw none. Perhaps because I’ve been away from it for so long. Was it supposed to be in a church or something?


      • The windows looked to me to be coloured glass, directly across a hallway from each other. They also had the three-pointed arch design I so associate with Ukrainian Catholic church windows from my youth. That gave me the idea this could be a side hallway leading back to a priest’s domicile, or work room. The sunlight coming in both windows was a bit odd, but something a religious painter might do.
        No, you were not supposed to see a religious connection, as far as I know. Maybe when we read others’ haikus we will see what they saw…

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  3. I love this! It is beautifully raw, honest, and transparent! So well written! 😀 ❤


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