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The Truth Will Prevail


I didn’t do it, he said.
I’m blameless, he said.
It’s a big lie, he said.

The cries of the innocent …
Or the lies of the guilty?

The jury is out,
But one thing is sure.
No matter the wail —
The Truth Will Prevail.


Author: Nan

I'm a long-time blogger that enjoys saying this, that, and the other thing about a variety of topics. My main blog is (discussions primarily related to religion and politics), but I invite you to also visit (a blog related to my book, "Things I Never Learned in Sunday School"--available through Amazon), (a blog where I demonstrate my creative side), (obviously, all about wine), and (various thoughts on spirituality). My gravatar speaks to my core belief as expressed by Carl Sagan.

8 thoughts on “The Truth Will Prevail

  1. But will the truth prevail? Criminals in the US, especially rich ones, have a way of getting away with crimes. Will this be another such case?
    I never trusted Mueller from the get-go. He is a Republican, investigating a Republican. All my Americans friends said trust him, however, so I tried to. Now, I am not so sure…


  2. Um … hmmmm … now whoever might you be speaking of? Let me think on it … 🤔 … 🤔 … 💡 GOT IT!!! The 21st Century Pinocchio, the ‘man’ with the orange hair and orange-er skin, none other than DJT!

    Let us hope that you’re right and truth will prevail, followed by appropriate punishment. I still trust Mueller, still believe him to be a man of honour and integrity, but … there was some reason he pulled back … perhaps he felt it best for the good of the nation to let the AG be the one to make the call. Like rawgod, I fear justice will never prevail in this one, but I hope I’m wrong.

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