Chasing the Muses

Where are we going today?



In response to Susi’s
IWH Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #14
(Picture Interpretation)


May I stay unknown
Or must I reveal myself
I prefer disguise


Deception may hide
Behind ever-changing masks
But truth will prevail

How do these affect you? Do you ever hide behind a mask? Comments always welcome.

Author: Nan

I'm a long-time blogger that enjoys saying this, that, and the other thing about a variety of topics. My main blog is (discussions primarily related to religion and politics), but I invite you to also visit (a blog related to my book, "Things I Never Learned in Sunday School"--available through Amazon), (a blog where I demonstrate my creative side), (obviously, all about wine), and (various thoughts on spirituality). My gravatar speaks to my core belief as expressed by Carl Sagan.

6 thoughts on “Disguise

  1. Hello Nan. They say everyone hides behind a mask of some type. I think the only mask I use is to hide pain. I try to remain upbeat and in good humor even when having painful treatments. When in doctor’s offices I try to remember it is not their fault I hurt and they are doing the best they can to be helpful. To me it is just being decent and treating others as best I can. Hugs

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  2. Very nice, Nan. You’ve captured the essence of this image with both of your pieces. 🙂


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