Chasing the Muses

Where are we going today?


Hi! On this blog, I sometimes go by the name of Esprit, which means liveliness of mind or spirit.

I have another blog (which I’ve had for several years) where the posts are much more from my “right brain” rather than my “left brain” (creative vs. logical). Awhile back, I decided I wanted to see if I could “re-cultivate” my creative side … and this blog is the result.

So far, most of what appears are poems and such that I wrote many, many years ago (when that “liveliness of mind and spirit” were much more predominant). However, little by little, I’ve been posting more recent creations as the “creative me” has been slowly emerging from its “long winter’s nap.”  (Although I sometimes wonder if it will be a lost cause since I just took a test on this site and it says the dominate side of my brain is “logical.” *sigh*)

I hope you will enjoy my creations as I take flight into the world of mental imagery.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to this ‘new’ venture Nan! 😀


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