Chasing the Muses

Where are we going today?


Nature’s Child

In response to Susi’s
Weekly Haiku Challenge #18
(Picture interpretation)


There behind the trees
A shadowy phantasma
Mocking perception


A child of nature
No rules no laws no dogma
Innocent living

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In response to Susi’s
IWH Haiku Challenge #17
(Picture interpretation)

“At the Window” – Juliana Kolesova


The end of the day
Brings silent thought and repose
Two friends sharing dreams


We would rather view
What is outside than confront
What we see inside

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In response to Susi’s
IWH Weekly Haiku Challenge #14
(Picture Interpretation)


May I stay unknown
Or must I reveal myself
I prefer disguise


Deception may hide
Behind ever-changing masks
But truth will prevail

How do these affect you? Do you ever hide behind a mask? Comments always welcome.